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Welcome to the Citizen Advice Web site system support section; in this section you will find all resources to help you get the best out of our Web site system. Please browse our Video section for a selection of short tutorials which cover basic operations.

We update this section regularly so please check here for any support & troubleshooting issues.

Please use our contact page If you have a question or want us to make a video covering a specific topic.

Please note: The document and FAQ section will be operational mid September as we are concentrating on video content first.

The use of Citizens Advice branding requires a licence; we only provide web sites with Citizens Advice branding to organisations that confirm they are legally entitled to use it. For further information about licensing please contact Citizens Advice.

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Support Videos

Welcome to Video support section where you will find a growing list of videos designed to help you use the system quickly. In most Videos I use Windows 7 and Firefox so the menu options may differ slightly if your system is different. Please contact us if you want us to make a video that focuses on a particular topic or area of system.

Making a Privacy page from scratch

This video starts with an empty privacy page and covers all steps to create a fully completed and styled page. The video covers the Content Editor, page layout, content styling, changing page and menu titles, uploading and manipulating images and inserting internal and external hyperlinks. Further items covered includes general styling, adding bullets and the Colour palette.


10 Tasks in under 15 minutes

In this Video I simulate completing a list of tasks I have been given. The video covers: Changing a Menu title, site wide replacement of Main Bureau name, adding a Phone advice number to every page, removing and re-enabling the email contact form (contact page), adding a new location to the contact page, uploading a document, adding an FAQ, creating an Event and adding a new user group to the Secure area.


Uploading & Managing Documents

This video shows how easy it is to upload and manage documents.


Image resizing and optimisation

Image Re-sizing & Optimisation is vital if you want your site to load quickly. This tutorial shows you how to check image size and dimensions using Windows and then re-sizing and optimisation stages.

I spend a few hours trying various different systems and came up with 2 that are easy to use, efficient and free. Image Re-sizing & Optimisation only takes a few minutes but the video shows that an image of around 1mb can be reduced by over 96%; the optimised version only 36kb. I have seen some images over 5mb which will slow even the fastest connection and probably stall on a poor mobile or WIFI connection.

Here are the links used in the video:
Jpeg Optimiser:
Simple Image Resizer: